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Matt Hart


“Innovators aren’t born,
they’re made.



The innovations I work on, work. 

My ventures with clients over the past 20+ years have literally added hundreds of millions of new, global fans for brands, art, content, products, services, campaigns, causes...ideas!

Failures? Only with the early ideas that showed the way to eventual innovative success. 

Success happened because everything I do I learnt to do. This is one of the curiosities about all things enterprise creativity and innovation; the paradigm of belief that assumes you either are creative, or you aren’t creative.

Everyone is creative,
Anyone can innovate,
You just need to learn how.

I want to avail the notion that creativity is somehow a genius conferred on the special few. Utter nonsense. Here’s the truth; if you have a brain you are creative. So, the real question is not ‘if you are’, it’s ‘how you are’, and specifically how your creativity can find the right place within the innovation narrative; so that you can take part, add your value, and be part of the much needed creative collaboration that is better ideas winning. 

And, because of that, there’s you reconnecting with the most brilliant part of you - your creativity. It’s the behaviours of relentless curiosity, empathy to deeply understand others, the collaboration that makes everything better and resilience to keep on come what may. It’s the intellectual rigour of hypothesis, investigation and discovery. It’s the blinding moment which is ‘BIF, an idea’ - followed by disciplined iteration to make the best happen.

All of this I learnt. This is what allowed me to become a world renown innovator, working with a rich diversity of clients, problems, and opportunities.If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that innovators aren’t born, they’re made.

Innovators aren’t born.
They’re made.

As a global family, we’re facing big, end-of-life-threatening problems that need solving. Time is short - we need to get it done within the next decade. Stop and think about that... 10 short years. WTF! It’s not going to be easy. But there is hope. We know how to turn problems into bold new opportunities. We can revolutionise our all consuming lifestyles through how we create, make, and reuse. The incentive for competitive new value is there for those acting first. Accelerating and scaling these works will happen via a modern kind of activism; elevating our creative consciousness, uplifting our creative spirit, so that we think, do and be from that place. 

We can do it. 

Excitingly for me, it’s going to require a whole new generation of creative innovators to get it done. 

This is my North Star. 

BIF is Creativity,
For all of us.