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Spontaneous Creativity  


  “The best ideas are spontaneous - and shared.
The BIF app does just that”



In today’s visual world, we’re constantly inspired by what we see around us. And what this visual stimulus makes us think. These fresh, spontaneous thoughts are the start of brilliant new ideas, or at least they could be! If only we grabbed them when they happen.

Instead, how many times do we think to ourselves “I should grab that, I should take a picture of that, I should note that idea”. But we don’t. The moment of inspiration is lost. 

The BIF app solves this problem. It’s been designed to fast-catch creative inspiration when it hits; both the visual stimulus of what we’re seeing (check this) and what it makes us think (the inspired new thoughts and ideas). New ideas get fast saved to a custom BIF album in Photos.


Later, review new saved ideas and share them with others to start collaborating (easily shared directly from Photos using email, texts or any of the multiple chat apps).

Get better ideas happening faster now. BIF app is free and live for iOS (Android coming we hope!).