Matt Hart - founder of Better Ideas Faster - is a 6ft2ish, straight talking, t-shirt & jeans wearing, business/social/environmentally responsible, surfing, laid back coffee loving kiwi with 20 years experience galvanising 'innovators' within global corporates and beyond.

Matt's a bit unique in so-called innovation consulting. Where other's stick within a single domain, his restless curiosity had him 'follow-the-problem' - from designing and leading new product development projects, to training people in the behaviours of creativity - ultimately transforming business to become more innovative.

It's these 3 disciplines - Ideas (process), People (creativity) and Culture (purpose) that coalesce into the behaviours and ways of 21st century innovating. BIF is these 3 disciplines combined to solve the problems of 20th century innovating. And it's been Matt's single handed, single minded mission to codify being a 21st century innovator. The BIF products he's creating serve clients now AND help develop the next generation of creative problem solvers.

Client History Highlights:

2015-16 Spotify New York/Global

2014-16 Cisco San Jose/Global

2014-16 UNICEF London/UK

2013-14 American Idol Los Angeles/US

2012-13 Fonterra Auckland/Global

2011-12 Warner Music Sydney/Australia

2010-11 Telefonica London/UK

2007-11 Sony Music London/Global

2006-07 MTV London/UK

2005-06 Cancer Research UK London

2002-08 Unilever London/Global

2002-05 BBC Radio 1 London/UK

BIF Crew
Art Charlotte Cline
Illustration Jernej Gracner
Animation Mark Davis
Audio Folded Wing
Film Micky Curling
Design Leah Shao
Purpose Branding Jamie Burdett


Social responsibility
Unicef. UK.
BIF Workshops &
BIF Facilitator Training

Made for Learning

Physically in London but
spiritually here


First idea still simmering
(Somewhere between Everlane & Outerknown)


Philosophy for life
Live better, with less. Meaning buy the best, once (go without until you can). 
Inspired by many including Dieter Rams and EF Schumacher.