Yes, ideas can change the world. So we need better ones... and we need them now!

The ability to have ideas is within us all; being creative, solving problems, innovating new solutions. But we need help to release them. With the right inputs and behaviors we can better our ideas, and by following the right processes we can realise them faster.

BIF is a platform to quickly realise creative potential. Created from 20 years of proven global works, it's made up of digital learning, collaborative apps with experiential workshops and used by the likes of Cisco, Spotify and Unicef, the BIF platform enables better ideas faster.

We work with the individual and the group, with the C-Suite bettering today's leaders, and with our kids creating tomorrow's.

BIF is creativity, for all of us.



"What will be left for humans when the robots arrive? It’s obvious: creative jobs, jobs that need empathy, jobs where you’re generating ideas, jobs where you’re problem solving. All these are undervalued in schools”

 Peter Hyman, School 21. Stratford. London.



Hettie has a secret super power that only her dog Ruff knows about... under her bed is a box of imagination that helps her become Ideas Girl. Can you use your creativity to help her solve the problem…?


Matt Hart is an innovations guy, husband and father of two. He has spent the last 20 years sparking creativity in the world’s largest organisations. And now he wants to do the same for kids. 

‘Kids are naturally curious and fearlessly creative and too often we are educating them out of it. BIFKiDS is here to change that, starting with Ideas Girl.’



BIF Ideas 

Kill the brainstorm. Get better ideas happening faster.

The best creative collaboration applies the neuroscience of creativity through innovation process - which doesn't happen in brainstorms! BIF IDEAS is a visual introduction to new ways for creating, sharing and developing better ideas, faster.


BIF Culture

Putting insight at the heart of the organisation. 

The world is full of businesses striving and struggling to become customer centric - but don’t know how! BIF CULTURE is proven for solving the challenge of how to put audiences are at the heart of the culture.

BIF Ideas – App

The best ideas are spontaneous and shared; the BIF app does just that. 

Too many good ideas die in stale brainstorms. Better is to support individuals and teams catching spontaneous thoughts and sharing for real-time collaboration. BIF APP does exactly that. 


BIF Fans

Understanding fan behaviour to start, build and grow the biggest possible audience.

BIF CONE™ is a behavioural analysis and prediction engine that combines machine learning intelligence with human understanding. The resulting insight provides breakthrough knowledge for brand and business owners to create better, more effective ideas that connect with target audiences faster.


BIF People

The development of curiosity and empathy as defining skills for modern business. 

Offsite creativity and innovation training doesn’t work - otherwise the problems of innovation wouldn’t exist! BIF PEOPLE is a digitally enabled learn-by-doing program built upon the neuroscience of creativity. Delivered via a hear it/see it/read it/do it journey, individuals and teams reconnect with their innate creative behaviours to become ideas people. 


BIF School

Future proofing the lives of next-gen youth. 

Matt’s is translating modern creativity and innovation into learning experiences for young people. He is currently piloting BIF #IdeasSchool with Global Academy (West London) delivering learn-by-doing workshops with 16-19 year old students.